Sunday, March 15, 2009

Minutes from the March 14th Meeting

Healthy Harvest met on Saturday, March 14th at the Bird House. 13 people were in attendance. After warming up with some potent coffee from Barbara, the first topic of discussion was the April seminar. We agreed that we should combine the seminar with the April meeting and take a road trip to Wanda's place in Uvalde to learn about forest gardening and plant guilds. This trip/meeting will take place later in April due to Easter. The date will be Saturday, April 18th. We will meet at the Bird House at 10 AM and car pool to Wanda's.

Next we talked about the Community Garden project. Barbara reported that the Garden Club would like to have the Community Garden on their property. A committee of Barbara, J.P., and Don W. was formed to consider the particulars of this idea.

Rick reported that the Farmers Market committee had divided up tasks as follows: Rick - location/liability, Sage - logo and marketing, Leah - contacting growers, Catherine - rules and regs.

We briefly discussed the idea of a Local Food Festival, and two ideas for future seminars - chickens and goats/milk and cheese. Stay tuned to the blog for more information!

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  1. The wealth of information provided by this group is astounding! I had never heard of Forest Gardening, now I can't wait for the next meeting!