Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Minutes of July 11th Meeting

Healthy Harvest met on Saturday July 11th at 2 PM. 8 people attended. After collecting money to reimburse J.P. for the July Jubilee booth, we discussed produce sales at Canyon Charm. This is the closest thing we have to a Farmers Market at the present time. We agreed that Healthy Harvest members would make an effort to sell on the second Saturday of each month, and that we would publicize this effort in the Leakey Star.

We next planned three more seminars. Jim R. will lead a seminar on Fall Gardening on Saturday August 8th at 2 PM, followed by our monthly meeting. The September seminar will be about greenhouses, led by Barbara V. That seminar will be on Saturday September 19 at 10 AM. And in October Sage A. will lead a seminar on Raising Chickens. That date will be Saturday October 10th at 2 PM, followed by our regular meeting. Thanks to Jim, Barb, and Sage for offering to lead these seminars! Pending an ok from the Garden Club, these seminars will all be held in their building in Leakey.

The next topic was planning for a Healthy Harvest Local Food Festival. Rick A. proposed that the Festival be held in the Spring of 2010. After much discussion we selected two possible dates - Saturday March 20th or Saturday April 10th for a one day festival featuring seminars, booths, entertainment, and possibly a farmers market. We also discussed seven possible locations, and Rick A. will contact each one to check on cost and availability. He will report back at the August meeting and we hope to choose a date and a location at that time. Anyone with suggestions for the Festival should leave a comment after this post or contact Rick. Thanks!

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