Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Minutes from January 10th Meeting

The fifth meeting of Healthy Harvest was held on Saturday, January 10th at 10 AM at the Bird House in Leakey, Texas. Eleven people attended, including three newcomers.

The first item on the agenda was our decision-making process. It was agreed upon that decisions should be made by consensus, and that a vote will only be used in cases where a decision is needed and everyone cannot agree.

Next the farmers market was discussed. At the present time we do not have enough growers to establish a market. It was decided that we should survey members of the community to see how many growers are interested in selling produce and other items at the market. We will not begin the market until we have enough people ready to sell.

On the topic of the community garden we agreed that the garden should be publicized and then we can determine the level of interest in the community. Several possible locations are being considered.

We also decided that the Healthy Harvest library should housed at the Bird House for now. As the library grows we can look for another location.

Sage A. suggested that instead of a regular website we should establish a blog. All present agreed to try this approach to collecting and distributing information about Healthy Harvest. The blog will replace the monthly newsletter. For those community members without Internet we will still have information available at the library. A team of members will post items on the blog, and all members are encouraged to post comments and questions.

Rick A. proposed that the group sponsor a local food festival with seminars, guest speakers, and entertainment. It was decided to start small with Saturday morning seminars and work up to a full day or weekend festival. Jim R. agreed to look into a location for our first seminar, which will be on building raised beds and preparing soil for planting.

Rick agreed to submit an article to the Leakey Star about all of our plans and activities. "Stay tuned" to this blog for information about our February meeting.

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