Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to the Healthy Harvest Blog

We've decided to launch a blog to see if this might serve the needs of our group and community of sharing information about local organic food in the Frio Canyon.

This will allow us to publish important information and useful ideas, photos, and videos as they come along, rather than just once a month in a newsletter. You can bookmark this site and also subscribe to receive the posts. It's paperless, and interactive. If you'd like to leave a comment you can do so by using the link at the bottom of each post. You can also email new topics, questions, or suggestions to the moderators for inclusion.

For example, please take a moment to fill out the poll on your interests in Healthy Harvest located in the sidebar. For fun, watch the video below on The Garden of Eatin': A Short History of America's Garden. If you support this cause, you can vote for it by clicking on the link Ideas for Change in America in the sidebar. Visit the links under Online Resources to discover more about the local food movement and check out our recommended reading list.

We hope you'll enjoy this new site, and leave us some feedback, so we can see how well it meets our needs.

Sage & Rick


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  2. Looks absolutely wonderful. Thanks for all you do for the group. Looking forward to learning alot from all the different members.

  3. Girl, you are on the ball! I think this is going to be a wonderful way to exchange info.

  4. Sage, This looks good and should serve our purpose. Thanks